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P1010842 southern cassowary ad.jpg
P1010842 southern cassowary ad1950 viewsThis adult Southern Cassowary was "on guard" at Cassowary House in Queensland, and was actually blocking safe access to one of the rooms!
P1010858 southern cassowary ad GG.jpg
P1010858 southern cassowary ad GG1888 views
P1020739 kangaroo crossing road sign.jpg
P1020739 kangaroo crossing road sign1572 views
P1030588 eastern whipbird.jpg
P1030588 eastern whipbird887 views
P1010685 Australian brush-turkey.jpg
P1010685 Australian brush-turkey803 viewsThis terrestrial bird belongs to the megapode family.
P1030653a sugar glider.jpg
P1030653a sugar glider737 views
P1010896 bush rat, Rattus fuscipes.jpg
P1010896 bush rat, Rattus fuscipes733 views
P1010804 red-necked pademelon.jpg
P1010804 red-necked pademelon664 views
P1010945 southern cassowary imm.jpg
P1010945 southern cassowary imm659 viewsA Southern Cassowary feeding on some leftover rice. Note the massive tarsi and feet!
P1010842a southern cassowary ad feet.jpg
P1010842a southern cassowary ad feet580 viewsNote the incredible dagger-like inner toes that can eviscerate any prey with a single kick. Best to back off...
P1030646 sugar glider.jpg
P1030646 sugar glider488 views
P1010894 bush rat, Rattus fuscipes GG.jpg
P1010894 bush rat, Rattus fuscipes GG436 views
P1020461 fawn-footed melomys GG.jpg
P1020461 fawn-footed melomys GG422 views
P1030537 brown cuckoo-dove.jpg
P1030537 brown cuckoo-dove420 views
P1030538 Lewin_s honeyeater.jpg
P1030538 Lewin s honeyeater407 views
P1020454 fawn-footed melomys.jpg
P1020454 fawn-footed melomys387 views
P1030626 white-tailed rat.jpg
P1030626 white-tailed rat384 views
P1010954 black butcherbird juv, rufous morph.jpg
P1010954 black butcherbird juv, rufous morph384 views
P1030508 yellow-breasted boatbill.jpg
P1030508 yellow-breasted boatbill373 views
P1020308 wompoo pigeon on nest GG.jpg
P1020308 wompoo pigeon on nest GG340 views
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