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Photos by Bruce G. Marcot

P1010685 Australian brush-turkey.jpg
P1010685 Australian brush-turkeyThis terrestrial bird belongs to the megapode family.
P1010757 Australian magpie.jpg
P1010757 Australian magpie
P1010842 southern cassowary ad.jpg
P1010842 southern cassowary adThis adult Southern Cassowary was "on guard" at Cassowary House in Queensland, and was actually blocking safe access to one of the rooms!
P1010842a southern cassowary ad feet.jpg
P1010842a southern cassowary ad feetNote the incredible dagger-like inner toes that can eviscerate any prey with a single kick. Best to back off...
P1010858 southern cassowary ad GG.jpg
P1010858 southern cassowary ad GG
P1010860 southern cassowary ad feet GG.jpg
P1010860 southern cassowary ad feet GG
P1010887 yellow-eyed cuckoo-shrike.jpg
P1010887 yellow-eyed cuckoo-shrike
P1010927 little shrike-thrush.jpg
P1010927 little shrike-thrush
P1010929 southern cassowary imm.jpg
P1010929 southern cassowary immThis immature Southern Cassowary chased a colleague of mine (Deane Lewis) and me through the woods and into this small forest opening. More curious than hostile, it nonetheless was unnerving not being able to shake it. We did not run, did not stare it down, and did not turn our backs, the best way to handle the situation...
P1010931 Deane Lewis & southern cassowary imm.jpg
P1010931 Deane Lewis & southern cassowary imm... but still it advanced on us. I grabbed some chickenwire and blocked its advance toward me, upon which it then turned its attention to Deane, shown here trying to photograph the bird and defend himself at the same time.
P1010936 southern cassowary imm.jpg
P1010936 southern cassowary immEventually the bird's confusion outweighed its curiosity, and it eventually turned and wandered back into the woods.
P1010945 southern cassowary imm.jpg
P1010945 southern cassowary immA Southern Cassowary feeding on some leftover rice. Note the massive tarsi and feet!
P1010954 black butcherbird juv, rufous morph.jpg
P1010954 black butcherbird juv, rufous morph
P1010957 spangled drongo GG.jpg
P1010957 spangled drongo GG
P1010962 spotted catbird.jpg
P1010962 spotted catbirdSpotted Catbird.
P1010964 red-necked crake.jpg
P1010964 red-necked crakeAn endemic bird of northern Queensland, with an incredibly tiny distributional range.
P1010966 Australian brush-turkey.jpg
P1010966 Australian brush-turkeyThe Australian Brush-turkey is not a true turkey. (For that matter, it's not a brush, either.) (But it is Australian.) It is a megapode. Note the laterally-flattened tail and the brilliant yellow collar.
P1010971 black butcherbird juv, rufous morph.jpg
P1010971 black butcherbird juv, rufous morph
P1010982 helmeted friarbird.jpg
P1010982 helmeted friarbird
P1010985 helmeted friarbird.jpg
P1010985 helmeted friarbird
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