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Queensland, Australia - Birds 2005

P1030588 eastern whipbird.jpg

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Queensland, Australia - Mammals 2005

P1020454 fawn-footed melomys.jpg

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Tasmania & So. Australia - Mammals 2000

Red-necked Wallaby 1 - Tasmania.jpg

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P1030588 eastern whipbird.jpg
P1030588 eastern whipbirdApr 26, 2006
P1030035 grey-headed robin.jpg
P1030035 grey-headed robinApr 17, 2006
P1020454 fawn-footed melomys.jpg
P1020454 fawn-footed melomysApr 15, 2006
P1020461 fawn-footed melomys GG.jpg
P1020461 fawn-footed melomys GGApr 15, 2006
P1010954 black butcherbird juv, rufous morph.jpg
P1010954 black butcherbird juv, rufous morphApr 15, 2006
P1020042b darter.jpg
P1020042b darterApr 15, 2006
P1020045a welcome swallow.jpg
P1020045a welcome swallowApr 15, 2006
P1020086 whistling kite.jpg
P1020086 whistling kiteApr 15, 2006
P1020308 wompoo pigeon on nest GG.jpg
P1020308 wompoo pigeon on nest GGApr 15, 2006
P1020903 black-necked stork.jpg
P1020903 black-necked storkApr 15, 2006

Random files
P1010842a southern cassowary ad feet.jpg
P1010842a southern cassowary ad feetNote the incredible dagger-like inner toes that can eviscerate any prey with a single kick. Best to back off...
P1020122 Mareeba rock-wallaby.jpg
P1020122 Mareeba rock-wallaby
P1030159 spotted catbird.jpg
P1030159 spotted catbirdThe Spotted Catbird is spotted, and it is a bird, but it's not a cat .... Seriously, it is one of the bowerbirds, but this species does not build a "bower" nest.
Koala 3.jpg
Koala 3
P1010896 bush rat, Rattus fuscipes.jpg
P1010896 bush rat, Rattus fuscipes
P1030361 agile wallaby w joey.jpg
P1030361 agile wallaby w joey
P1030418 platypus.jpg
P1030418 platypus
P1030398 white-bellied sea-eagle nest.jpg
P1030398 white-bellied sea-eagle nestWhite-bellied Sea-eagle nest ... notice the two adults on the branches and the juvenile in the nest.
P1010966 Australian brush-turkey.jpg
P1010966 Australian brush-turkeyThe Australian Brush-turkey is not a true turkey. (For that matter, it's not a brush, either.) (But it is Australian.) It is a megapode. Note the laterally-flattened tail and the brilliant yellow collar.
P1010971 black butcherbird juv, rufous morph.jpg
P1010971 black butcherbird juv, rufous morph